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FAQ banner

Comment puis-je dessiné mon propre trophée?

That’s easy. Just go to the pre-made designs in our store, and start from there. You can adjust almost anything, using our simple but powerful 3D-design tool. We could go into details about just what every single button does, but we’ve made a video about it that’s a bit more insightful. And you can of course just trial and error too. That’s fun, you know ...

How tall will my trophy be?

The pre-made designs all have pre-defined sizes that are stated below the graphics. Just clicking on the design will bring up more detailed dimension info. All measurements include the base.

Combien de temps prendra't-il pour livrer mon trophée?

Production time is indicated with each design. Trophies will be shipped from Antwerp (Belgium) and usually take 1 day to arrive to any location in the Benelux. Shipment to other countries can take up to 2 to 5 working days. (You know we’re talking working days, right. And obviously we can’t control overachieving customs officials or really bad weather).

Puis-je commander plusieurs trophées?

Yes. Please do. In fact, we’ve built our 3D-engine in a way that it’s perfectly possible to easily create a series of several unique trophies – all within minutes.

Puis-je payer en ligne?

Sure. We take all your cards (VISA, Bancontact, Ogone). And we love PayPal.

Est-ce qu'il y a une remise si j'achète plusieurs trophées?

Yes! Start-up costs and shipping costs go down with combined orders, so obviously the price will too. Our smartly-designed calculation tool will automatically take this into account.

Est-ce que je dois additionner taxe au prix?

Yes. Prices are listed VAT exclusive.

Est-ce que vous exportez à mon pays?

Probably. We’ve got a list of over 170 countries, so chances are yours is on it. If you want to make absolutely sure before you start designing, just mail to info@3Dtrophyfactory.com.

Quels types de trophées offrez-vous?

We’ve got two types: the one you build, starting from a sketch that is pre-made by our designers. Or the one that we build together, through a process of sketching, designing, feedback, ...

Can I order a 3D printed award in another color than white?

Yes, you definitely can!

Quel matériel est utilisé pour les trophées 3D imprimés?

We use a high-quality polyamid. Not only does this material lend itself to great design opportunities, it’s also pretty strong and precisely dense enough (aka: you can drop it without breaking). Lasercut oak and premium casted acrylic are great for finishing touches.

Can I order as a business client?

Yes, of course. 3D Trophy Factory is mainly focused on the B2B market.

Can I become an agent of 3D Trophy Factory?

Yes, this is possible! Please send us your contact information. Mail to info@3Dtrophyfactory.com

Do you have specific manuals for designers?

We're working hard on this! Should you already have certain questions, then don't hesitate to ask us!

Puis-je créer ma propre collection?

Creating an account on 3D Trophy Factory will soon be possible. When it happens, you will be able to create and save your designs. For the moment we've got all the design stored in an internal structure. So if you made an order in the past then we can always find it back for you!